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About this stash

Little thoughts and snippets of code from actual projects... including Stashhh.me itself!

git commit -am "border radius for post in sleep deprived state seems like a good idea"

my actual commit on Stashhh.me

And then I broke the site for a half hour. fuck.

Cindy: if I have a line where I put a product name and the product name can be either one line or two lines... what would be the best way to make sure it's the same height regardless of the actual line content? Put them in a div with a set height?

Tyler: h2 { height: 2em } ?

Cindy Juarez: ... wow.

A common occurrence...

max-width: 420px; // aw yeah

Maybe a bit juvenile, but something's gotta keep you going.


Screen shot 2014 04 28 at 10.45.48 pm

git commit -am "change nav feed icon to pizza"

Crisp text with CSS

// text as smooth as a hardboiled egg
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;