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Portable pipe and drape system for sale

RK pipe kits refer to pipe (aluminum), fixed or adjustable vertical uprights supported by a heavy steel base, and adjustable crossbar or fixed horizontals that provide a support frame for the elegant drape. Drape is the extended definition of curtain fabric. There are different material fabrics. Our drape can be mainly classified into velvet/velour/chiffon/banjo/poly premier, actually different material composed used in different venues. Pipe and drape is used widely in decorating a place temporarily.
RK pipe and drape system
Put up the uprights along with the bases, then hang or thread the drape panels on the cross bar, finally you put the cross bar and the drape between the uprights. After the upright engages the threaded base correctly, stone it delicately forwards and backwards whilst screwing it into ensure it is totally screwed in. This will keep the upright from wobbling in the base.
We are the professional event drapery manufactory and have been in the area for years.
Drapery are available in various color and weight. Chiffon, Velvet, Velour, Poly Premier and so on.
Remark: Please contact me for how to calculate the length of the drapery!
Different kinds of fabric drapery makes your used pipe and drape for sale elegant and beautiful.

Pipe And Drape
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