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Elegant fabric draping for wedding reception

RK is one of the leading manufacturers of trade booth pipe and drape systems in the nation. We have a wide variety of pipe and drape systems ranging from starter kits, bases, slip fit and screw in uprights, and fixed and telescoping drape supports. Pipe & drape systems eliminate the need for rigging points in your venue and save on space, as cloths can be safely rigged to sit right against walls.
Pipe & drape systems are used at: Wedding decoration ,event decoration, stage backdrop, trade fair booth ,exhibition booth ,Convention centers, Hotels, Casinos, Schools, Museums, Resorts, and so on.
Products Features
* Durable and rust resistant.
* Modular system.
* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes.
* Virtually unlimited size or configuration.
* Creates theatre-like appearance.
* No extra tools required.
* Drapes can be supplied to size
* Easy for carry with special designed hand bags
Each kit includes:
Two 6ft-14ft Tall uprights with 4 spigots for different direction
Two 4204005mm bases with 3 pin holes for wall coner installation
One 6ft-11ft width telescopic drape support/crossbar with buttons
Pipe and drape specification(standard size):
Upright height :with 3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft ,5ft-8ft, 6ft~10ft,7ft-12ft ,8ft-14ft , 9ft-16ft ,9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft,11ft-20ft ,12ft-22ft,13ft-24ft ,14ft-26ft adjustable ,have 2 piece ,3 piece
Telescopic crossbars(Floor width):2ft-3ft,3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft,5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft,7ft-12ft,8ft-10ft,8ft-14ft ,9ft-16ft


mobile portable stage for sale

How many things do you know about portable stages
As a equipment, portable mobile stage is widely used by bands, chorus, dance performers. And portable stages are very commonly used nowadays, how many things do you know about portable stages, do you know how to make the most use of it?
First of all, what on earth is portable stage? Well, portable stage is a term describing the devices or equipments that used on many stage occasions, like concert, dancing parties, TV shows and such. The different of it between a real stage, is that it is portable, reusable and much more easy to transport. Usually portable stages are in necessity to have these items: stage platform, stage legs, stage skirt and stage ramp.
Product portable stage merely took several hours or as long as five days to build a stage from small to large, and after that you can recollect them and take it away for next time use. These portable stages are a bliss to those who are in constant need of a movable stage but yet doesn't have the time or money to build one anytime they want.


pipe & drape curtains wholesale

RK is a famous Pipe And Drape Manufacturer in CHINA!
In shenzhen China (mainland), RK Pipe and Drape Kits ( RK in short below) has three factories, employs about 3,000 workers. RK spares no effort to make innovation and creativity, especially in the manufacturing process: Our team always pursues partnership, dedication, innovation and excellence in our daily work.
It is popular that trade show displays with pipe and drape systems. To keep up the latest market trend, we must know more about the global customer requirements. "RK walks in the forefront of the industry, leading the trend is our mission," said CEO Yang, "We are dedicated to provide customers the most satisfied solutions that are out of their expectation. "
After years of development, the company's business has covered Australia, the United States, Europe and other countries/regions. Up to date, as one of the largest companies in the industry, our pipe and drape products and solutions have been deployed in over 30 countries, serving countless clients in different needs. Welcome to inquire, RK hopes we shall be partners.


portable dance flooring for sale for wedding events

The World’s Best Portable Dance Floor China Factory
RK offers Wooden Dance Floors and Black and White Dance Floors. We will collaborate with members of your team for a stress free production. And we also supplies the best in pipe and drape .led star curtain .stage truss. flight case ,Whether it is a wedding, fashion show, gala, or party, our staff will work with you to develop a theme and set the mood for your event.
RK Wooden Dance Floors With Beautiful Design & Construction
Unique design with Aluminum and Plywood 30mm thickness construction
Six popular color types to select ,and also can make customs color
Less time to set up
No moving parts or connector plates to break or lose
Dance floor will not creep or come apart
Bearing capacity :750kg / Square meters
Widely used in wedding/events/party/exhibition/Restaurants/bar/Grogshop
meeting rooms/School/Hotel/Trade show. Stage etc
How to Installation RK Dance floor?
First Step: Joining together many dance floor platform first, then put away the square edge aluminum and bevel edge aluminum on the side,
Second Step: Please use the accessories" Hex key " into the floor platform screw Clockwise turn joining together. Then complete OK.

Events velvet drapes for sale

Fabric Drapery must be supported by crossbars which are connected to uprights. These products can be manufactured from velvet, hemp, Pleuche and many other high quality materials. All of them are flame-resistant for better safety. We offer events decoration drapes of various colors for different needs.
All of our drapes are:
● Super soft and plush
● Light-proof
● Great for the most elegant and fancy event
● Flame retardant and machine washable
Product Size
Code Size Unit MQQ
600001 3' X 4' (34" X 48") pcs 20
600002 8' X 4' (94" X 48") pcs 20
600035 3' X 5' (34" X 58") pcs 20
600085 8' X 5' (94" X 58") pcs 20
600105 10' X 5' (118" X 58") pcs 20
600125 12' X 5' (142" X 58") pcs 20
600145 14' X 5' (166" X 58") pcs 20
600146 Custom size (wide x height) pcs 20


used plastic dance floors system for sale

Unlike most black and white dance floors available for hire, our dance floors are 100% weather resistant. The unique flooring system allows water to flow underneath and is impervious to water.
The flooring due to the fact that it is weatherproof can be installed on patios, decking, concrete, tarmac, directly onto grass (requires level and short lawn) as well as indoors on any level surface.
Each floor panel is light weighted and can be effortlessly installed as it is designed with a smart connector interlocking structure. This enables anyone to set up the dance floor instantly without any training, tools or materials.
Production Feature of plywood dance floor:
* Durable and rust resistant.

* Modular system.

* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes.
* Virtually unlimited size or configuration.

* Creates theatre-like appearance.

* No extra tools required.

* Smooth Surface.
* Light weight .


Pon una alarma para tu hogar y sal tranquilo

Custom jewelry CAD designing and master model making service--
Our expert designers can turn your sketches,ideas and references into 3D CAD files using the latest CAD technology and also create a silver master piece and rubber/silicone mould.

portable outdoor wedding tent ideas wedding curtain price

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Pipe & Drapes for Backdrop

Assembly and Dimension:
Our Standard of a unit pipe and drape is two pillars, one crossbar, two basements and one drape
The area of drape will be max height and max width
Model Type of Pillar: RK-TS1120, 11 ' -20 ' Adjustable Upright
Model Type of Crossbar: RK-TDS814, 8 ' -14 ' TDS(stops at 10 ' ,12 ' & 14 ' )
Model Type of Basement: RKPDB5050, 5005005mm
Other Dimension:
adjustable upright pipes: with 8'~20’/6'-14'/7'-12'/8'-14'
'telescopic crossbars(Floor width):4'-7'/6'-10'/7’~12'/8'-14
base plates:15'15'/18"x18"x3/8’’/18'18'33IBS/20'20'
Main Benefits:
1,Can be assembled in minutes.
2,Freestanding system.
3,irtually unlimited size or configuration.
4,Creates theatre-like appearance.
5,No extra tools required.
1,Freestanding system.
2,Drapes can be supplied to size
3,Adjustable height and width
Staging and events, Exhibition and Wedding, Outside Activity. etc. We offer you the best solution for you!!
Extend the theatre-like appearance of the Cinefold Dress Kit.
The Cinefold Pipe and Drape Runoff is a universal modular draping system for all cinefold types.
Also suitable as a room divider or to hide unsightly areas.
Adjustable telescopic pipe uprights and horizontal drape bars give versatility in height and width.


custom trade show booth idea design for exhibition

If you are now searching for a trade show booth idea for you display, exhibition or expo, you are strongly suggested to use pipe and drape- the foremost popular and convenient booth in the US and other European countries. With over tens of models of pipe and drape for trade show booth and the lowest prices in the industry, here you can find the perfect display for your exhibition needs from RK. Top the products with our outstanding client services, expert product knowledge and powerful design capability for all kinds of solutions and our green commitment, and you are rest easily knowing you are working with one of the best companies in the industry on this planet. We promise your exhibition would be not only a success experience, but also comfort and ease.
How does Trade show booth pipe and drape works?
Americans are the first to use pipe and drape in exhibition. This is because pipe and drape are comparatively advantageous than many other booth. Pipe and drape booth are easy to set up and dismantle- this might be the greatest reason why people love them. Addition, pipe and drape booth are lightweight and can be easily and conveniently stored and transported. Of course, these products are also very cheap- much cheaper than other booth and also recyclable.
After pipe and drape are set up, all parts of a trade booth is formed. The largest backdrop is usually used as the backdrop wall of the booth and the side wall on each side of the booth is used to divide the room and booth. Different exhibition can be well separated by the drapes and everything is kept in order.
Components and Installation of pipe and drape trade show booth
Trade show booth pipe and drape are similarly composed of several basic parts, including the base, the uprights, the cross bars, the drapes. Of course, there are really some differences in each part. For example, there are four bases for each single booth; two are for the main uprights and other for the side uprights. There are three drapes for each single booth, one as the main backdrop wall and the other two for side wall. Of course, there are four holes on the main upright at certain height in order to support side cross bars booth in front and behind.
trade show booth idea design
The whole set up process is simple and easy. No extra tools are needed and all can be finished by one person because of the convenient operation in installation. Simply are there several steps: First, fix the base parts; second insert the base pin into the uprights. Third, put through drapes with cross bars; fourth hang the hook of crossbar onto the top or uprights. Then add another two single side wall for each booth. Each single booth can be finished within minutes. Of course, if there are more booths to set up, less time for each booth. Similarly, the dismantlement of trade show booth pipe and drape is also easy and convenient. Just do in the opposite way as the installation. All parts can be easily stored in flight cases or other package. All these products are recyclable and can be reused again in other trade show- most environment friendly products for all kinds of trade show.