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portable pipe and drape kits manufacturer in China

Pipe and Drape systems can be used to highlight a special area, or even used as a border to surround the entire event. Draping is one of the most popular decorating techniques utilized because it is simple yet offers quite the bold statement.
pipe and drape kits
Like anything else, pipe and drape systems come in various styles and sizes. Pipe and drape is a free standing fabric draping system that stretches from ceiling to floor. It can be used to hide unsightly or uncoordinated curtains, wallpaper, doorways and artwork. It's often used to make very large rooms more intimate , suiting a smaller number of guests or creating corridors or lounge areas in larger rooms, for the ultimate wow factor.
You can get more details from RK, if you need pipe and drape systems, welcome you to inquiry.

portable elegant pipe and drape backdrop kits design

RK Pipe and drape kits (pipe & drapes) has good quality and competitive prices, it including slip lock systems adjustable Upright( it got patent),Telescopic crossbar, Powder Coated Base plate base plate, and drapes, it applicated in backdrop, mandap, wall backdrop kits, trade show booth, photo booth, detailed it can use for wedding, schools, convention centers, casinos, museums, resorts, events and so on. Feature:1.Easy to install and transport,2.Multifunction and economic,3.Wide applications.

pipe and drape system
Telescopic upright:3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft ,5ft-8ft, 6ft~10ft,7ft-12ft ,8ft-14ft , 9ft-16ft ,9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft,11ft-20ft ,12ft-22ft,13ft-24ft ,14ft-26ftadjustable ,have 2 piece ,3 piece.
Telescopic crossbar:2-3ft,3-5ft,4-7ft,5-8ft, 6-10ft,7-12ft,8-10ft,8-14ft ,9-16ft
Base plate:4204005mm/ 4504505mm/ 5005008mm/ 45045010mm/ 40040012mm.
Drapery: chiffon, velvet, banjo cloth, poly premier and so on.


wholesale pipe & drape curtains for events decoration

As you know, pipe and drape system are composed of upright, base, crossbar, drape!
There is a new generation for wedding pipe and drape in Rack in the Cases, which is adjustable aluminum pipe and drape! It is very convenient and easy to assemble, which is widely used all over the world!
Pipe and drape is used frequently with home staging, weddings, fashion shows, events , concerts, interior design, and in the theatre and on-set on television programs and movies。
Our main products:
Various kinds of aluminum portable stage light truss, background truss, layer truss, exhibition truss, movable stage, plexiglass stage, assembled stage, foldable stage, wedding stage, mobile stage, portable stage, used portable stages, concert stage, aluminum stage, flight case, instrument case, standard case, irregular case and so on. Detailed specification can be designed and made according to your different requirement. These professional equipments are used for all kinds of performance, exhibition, wedding ceremony and so on.
That's our event portable stages for sale!

RK portable stage system wholesale in China

With the development of the technology, the portable stage is becoming more and more popular. Comparing with the traditional stage, the portable stage is cheaper and lighter. Portable stage is usually used for a variety of purpose, such as events, wedding, trading and so on.
RK was established in Singapore in 1996,when our portable stage had been a hot-sale product. Our products are designed with one goal: make your event wonderful and safe. we have a professional team to solve all of your problem. Quick delivery, favorable price, excellent quality and satisfied service, welcome you to visit our factory and contact with us at any time. RK have been designing and manufacturing portable stage for many years. Our quality products have well met demands of all clients around the world. Contact us with no hesitating. We are sure it will be a nice experience for your event. We are the professional portable stage supplier!

Portable cheap pipe and drape supplies

Are you searching for pipe and drape for your wedding, trade show, events, or photo booth? You come to the right place! Rack Event Ltd can help you get the high cost-effect and good quality pipe and drape.
Simply, pipe and drape system is made of upright, crossbar, base plate and drapes .It is portable and easy to assemble and unload .Additionally, the size is adjustable to different situations. What is more, we offer the OEM and ODM service for your own business brand!
We are aiming at building up long-term business relationship with our partners by offering good quality product and best service. We are fully preparing the goods and making timely delivery as well as offering 3 years guarantee, please be rest assured!
Don’t miss the chance, give us a phone call or send us an email, we can do all the best for you!

Wedding use portable dance floor from RK

Another popular version of the plastic dance floor is the snap together style. These versions come in three by three square foot sheets which weigh about eighteen pounds each. They are also easy to store away after the party is over. Most companies offer specially designed carts with wheels that allow you to stack the sheets on top of one another.
Installation of your rk dance floor is quite simple as well. First, begin with the perimeter of your desired dance floor. Simply place the three by three sheet on the ground, then the next. Step on the sheet, and it will easily lock in place. This ensures that there are no raised surfaces which could cause an accident.
Most black dance floors are very durable. They can withstand the heat, cold, and wetness. Proper care instructions are always included with purchases to keep your dance floor looking shiny and new for years to come.
When searching for a black dance floor provider, do your research. Find the best price possible. There are many similar companies looking for your business. Consider researching the company as well, and look into customer reviews.
Black dance floors add a touch of elegance to any venue or function. There are many factors to consider before making a purchase. Buying the right floor will keep your guests happily dancing on darkness.


pipe and drape hardware manufacturer in China

RK is professional in manufacturing and marketing pipe and drapes in China, We offer a wide variety of products that will enable you to transform any space.
A lot clients are struggled with what kind of pipe they can use for events. Normally for small events, you can choose a tent and tent with roof, create a separate space for event focus.
Also when you need pipe and drape for larger vents, you may need backdrop, you can choose velvet, chiffon, banjo and pleuche.
For a long time, pipe and drape kits made up of metal or wood have enjoyed a high reputation in the international market. While along with the innovation, aluminum pipe kit is gradually popular among the customer. Because its superior features, such as convenient, environmental, attractive, durable, repeated-usage etc.
By the way, we now could not only keep up with the latest product trend, but also upgrade our products according to actual need. No matter what sort of wedding pipe and drape you are looking for, we can custom make for you.
Please contact us for more information.

wholesale pipe and drape wedding tent China

As you know, pipe and drape system are composed of upright, base, crossbar, drape!
There is a new generation for pipe and drape in Rack in the Cases, which is adjustable aluminum pipe and drape! It is very convenient and easy to assemble, which is widely used all over the world!
Now, let me introduce you some applications of pipe and drapes in life!
First of all, it can be used in exhibition , and expos or similar events; each exhibitor is given a net place for products display. Pipe and drape, in such cases, is widely used; they can make the booth colorful and unique to look at. Audiences will be attracted by these special colored fabrics and stands as a result. Usually, pipe and drape fabrics can be in various colors, but in most cases, white, green, blue, yellow are some of the most popular ones. In special occasions, just like the exhibitions for furniture or just like, pipe and drape can be more colorful to give customers totally different feelings.

In addition, we also can see it in some wedding events. It can meet your any special requirement for the wedding decoration! With special design, it can make your wedding brilliant. All people attending the wedding will feel very happy for the new couples!
Of course, pipe and drape systems are also used at theaters, school, exhibition halls, convention centers, hotels, casinos, museums, resorts, auditoriums, resorts, auditoriums and so on.
RK is one of the leading manufacturers of trade booth pipe and drape systems in the nation. So we can provide wedding tent, LED star curtain, trade show booth ,photo booth and a variety of shapes tent for you. For more information, pls feel free to contact us.


portable elegant pipe and drape kits wholesale

We always can see pipe and drape system around us in our daily life, such as hotels, conference centers, schools, trade shows, churches, party rental stores and so on. Pipes and drapes are not limited to just events, but trades shows is a must for maintaining privacy between the booths.
RK is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pipe and drape system in china. We have a wide variety of pipe and drape kits ranging from starter kits, bases, slip fit and screw in uprights, and fixed and telescoping drape supports.
1. Our pipe and drape system can be disassembled, they are unique in the technology, which is the advantage only in our company. Each part is broken or missing, you only need to change the connector alone. It can save cost for you by this way.
2. We mark the measurement on the pipes, you can adjust the height you need, the most important is that we make alert height in mechanics for reminding that you should not exceed it when you using, so safety and convenience.
3. We offer popular common sizes in our pipe and drape and we also can make them as your special requests. Our purpose is to meet any needs from our customers!
4. All installation components---Pin & screw and hex key are free!
1.Free carton
2.Carrying bag
3.Flight case
If you want to customize your unique pipe and drape system, please contact to us. We are committed to solve various solutions for you!


portable stage for sale in China

Beyond stage is the most popular lightweight mobile stage in the world from RK. Now it’s becoming more and more popular among people, When you are planning for a party venue decoration, this will be the most suitable, because for its many merits.
Portable stage system are ideal for Event, Wedding, Show, Indoor or Outdoor. Stage apply to Dance, Universities, Schools, Government organizations, Houses of worship, Luxury hotels, Resorts, Military organizations and more.
1.Design for the outdoor & indoor events, shows, conference, competition, exhibition, auto show, carnival and so on.
2.Heavy-duty capacity, sturdy and strong to set up and remove, Convenient transportation and save time, Smooth running, reduce vibration.
3.The color and stage size can be changed.
4.quickly & Easy assembly
Use that accessories to makes your stage more beautiful and functional:Guardrail 、Ramp、Skirt 、Step

If you have any questions, please contact with us any time! We look forward to long cooperation with you!